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Project Control
Interim Management

Complex tasks need one thing: Experience

Micha­el Nicht is a renow­ned expert in the plan­ning and imple­men­ta­ti­on of pro­jects – from tem­po­ra­ry and inter­na­tio­nal trade fair stands and major events, through to per­ma­nent ones, such as per­ma­nent instal­la­ti­ons, exhi­bi­ti­ons or logi­stics services.

He advi­ses on pre­pa­ra­ti­on, all pro­cu­re­ment pro­ces­ses and pro­ject execution. 

Micha­el Nicht knows the busi­ness, the pit­falls and the fea­si­bi­li­ty at all levels. Use his expe­ri­ence for your pro­jects – no mat­ter whe­ther they are inter­na­tio­nal, natio­nal or regional.

Project Control

The project control of events and trade fairs has a very special dynamic due to the lack of possibility to postpone deadlines or subsequent processing.

Howe­ver, decisi­ve mista­kes that can lead to fail­ure are usual­ly made in the run-up to the event, eit­her in the plan­ning of the mate­ri­al, the available time and pro­ce­du­res, or through the unpro­fes­sio­nal, ina­de­qua­te imple­men­ta­ti­on of what has been plan­ned. This can­not be com­pen­sa­ted on the day of the event.

In order to reco­g­ni­se such defi­ci­ts in time, the only thing that helps is to go through many all-nigh­ters, to find solu­ti­ons for the see­mingly impos­si­ble, to have a fee­ling for the right hand­ling of some­ti­mes only one per­son invol­ved in the exe­cu­ti­on, who can turn” ever­y­thing around. 

The instinct whe­ther an imple­men­ta­ti­on will suc­ceed well, the gut fee­ling” that some­thing is not going as desi­red, reco­g­nis­ing the inter­de­pen­dence of the trades invol­ved – all this can only be acqui­red through many years of working on com­plex event projects.


Every project starts with the procurement of service providers and suppliers for planning and execution. Find the best — reduce the budget.

Anyo­ne who wants to effec­tively compa­re ser­vices and pri­ces must be fami­li­ar with the respec­ti­ve indus­try. It is only pos­si­ble to assess whe­ther an offer real­ly reflects the sta­te of what is curr­ent­ly fea­si­ble and whe­ther the con­di­ti­ons are good if you are fami­li­ar with the sub­ject and the mar­ket. If the cli­ent lacks this know­ledge, risks and cos­ts will ine­vi­ta­b­ly increase.

Micha­el Nicht is a pro­ven expert in ten­de­ring and pro­cu­re­ment pro­ce­du­res. His exper­ti­se helps DAX com­pa­nies achie­ve mas­si­ve savings, year after year, even on pro­jects with mul­ti-mil­li­on-euro budgets.

He plans a sui­ta­ble pro­cu­re­ment stra­tegy, crea­tes com­pa­ra­bi­li­ty through pro­fes­sio­nal spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons, deve­lo­ps per­for­mance-rela­ted fee models, eva­lua­tes the resul­ting offers.

In this way, he finds the most suitable service providers and suppliers for your project

Define a procurement strategy 

Frame­work agree­ment, indi­vi­du­al ten­der or pitch? 

Clarify supplier situation 

Ana­ly­sis and scree­ning of the sup­pli­ers eli­gi­ble for the project 

Creating professional specifications 

For exam­p­le for:
Gene­ral planners
Gene­ral contractors
Exhi­bi­ti­on architects
Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons agencies
Tech­ni­cal planners
Struc­tu­ral engineers
Health and Safe­ty Coor­di­na­tors (HSE Coordinators)
Pro­ject controllers
Exhi­bi­ti­on store operators
Car­ry­ing out dri­ving and safe­ty trainings
Direc­tors and tech­ni­cal staff for press conferences 

Choose fee model 

Bil­ling by dai­ly rate, by quan­ti­ty, by exis­ting fee sche­du­le, or as a percentage? 

General tender rules 

Imple­men­ta­ti­on of the ten­der, exami­na­ti­on of the offe­red ser­vices, pro­fes­sio­nal and mathe­ma­ti­cal evaluation 

Further Services

Organisation structures 

Ana­ly­sis and eva­lua­ti­on of decis­i­on-making competencies 


Accep­tance of reques­ted ser­vices, inspec­tion of pro­of of per­for­mance and invoices 


Media­ti­on in the event of dis­agree­ments within pro­jects using sound know­ledge of the sector 

Interim Management 

Gap manage­ment, sub­sti­tu­ti­on, pro­ject based addition


From com­pa­ny cele­bra­ti­ons to major inter­na­tio­nal events such as IAA or AUDI A8 pre­sen­ta­ti­on in Miami Beach, from a sole trader to COO of an SME.

And ever­y­thing in bet­ween. In various func­tions and with all types of people.

all beginning … 

Orga­ni­sa­ti­on and exe­cu­ti­on of tours with well-known artists in Ger­ma­ny and Ita­ly and of cor­po­ra­te par­ties for companies. 

until 1992 

Mana­ging part­ner of Video Beam Ser­vice, Michael­sen + Nicht GmbH: Ren­tal of pro­fes­sio­nal event tech­no­lo­gy for mar­ke­ting events and trade shows. 

until 1995 

Mem­ber of the exe­cu­ti­ve board of the DEKOM Group, Ham­burg as the CEO of DEKOM Miet­zen­tra­le GmbH. 

until 2014 

Mana­ging part­ner of TFN GmbH + Co KG. Office for the design and plan­ning of audio­vi­su­al media equipment. 

until 2017 

COO of VER GmbH in Braun­schweig and Offen­bach. For­med by the fusi­on of VER Ger­ma­ny GmbH and Media In Res GmbH (pre­vious­ly Rock-Ser­vice Deutsch­land GmbH), www.ver.com



Trade fairs, events, spe­cia­list staff, agen­ci­es, ser­vice providers 

Deutsche Bank 

Gene­ral con­trac­tor for share­hol­ders’ mee­tings, Mes­se Frankfurt 


Gene­ral plan­ner for trade fairs 

Fur­ther projects: 


Plan­ning and pro­cu­re­ment of audio­vi­su­al media tech­no­lo­gy for inter­na­tio­nal trade shows (IAA, Tokyo, Chi­na, USA, Gen­e­va), various mar­ke­ting and press events around the world bet­ween 1998 and 2014, as well as AUDI muse­um mobi­le (on behalf of TFN GmbH & Co). 


Pro­cu­re­ment of any equip­ment and logi­sti­cal imple­men­ta­ti­on for pro­jects in the Czech Repu­blic and Ita­ly (on behalf of Suc­cess Partners). 

Thyssen Krupp 

Plan­ning an pro­cu­re­ment of the tech­ni­cal equip­ment for the Ideen­park in Gel­sen­kir­chen (on behalf of Ambro­si­us Messebau/TFN GmbH & Co KG). 

Deutsche Telekom 

T‑Mobile Cam­pus, Bonn: Con­sul­tancy for the awar­ding of an out­line con­tract for the deploy­ment of staff for the super­vi­si­on and ope­ra­ti­on of audio-visu­al tech­no­lo­gy. Preli­mi­na­ry eva­lua­ti­on, inter­views with cur­rent employees, crea­ti­on of a ser­vice spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­on, sel­ec­tion of bidders, eva­lua­ti­on of offers, con­sul­tancy for the awar­ding of con­tracts (on behalf of TFN GmbH & Co KG). 


Plan­ning and pro­cu­re­ment of any type of equip­ment as well as the exe­cu­ti­on of all con­s­truc­tion work for the Group’s top manage­ment con­fe­ren­ces, each with up to nine dif­fe­rent loca­ti­ons in Munich, Van­cou­ver, Wolfs­burg and Brussels (on behalf of Suc­cess Partners). 

Deutsche Bank 

Plan­ning and pro­cu­re­ment of the media tech­no­lo­gy for Deut­sche Bank Q 110, the Deut­sche Bank of the future, in Ber­lin hono­red with the Sinus Award, busi­ness cate­go­ry (on behalf of TFN GmbH & Co) 


Adver­ti­sing cor­rect­ly! – My five-point programme 

Per­for­mance-based pay for plan­ning part­ners at trade fairs and events

Achie­ve goals using soft skills


The trade magazines Event Partner, Events Magazine, M+A Report, PMA Production Management, Production Partner, Professional System and Stage Report have published the following article written by him:

Making savings when purchasing audiovisual media technology 

Car­ry­ing out a qua­li­fied ten­de­ring process 

LED walls as far as the eye can see 

Pre­sen­ting lar­ge-sca­le video foo­ta­ge in an extre­me­ly bright muse­um environment 

Vorsprung durch Technik 

AUDI pre­sen­ta­ti­on at IAA Frankfurt 

That’s Multimedia 

The launch of the Ško­da Octavia 

Speaker presentations 

Pre­sen­ted using which audio­vi­su­al medium? 

Holosion – into the third dimension without glasses 

A new era or tech­no­lo­gi­cal bells and whistles? 

Sound systems for marketing events 

How much out­lay for just one speaker’s microphone? 

Large-screen video projectors 

Which pie­ce of equip­ment is sui­ta­ble for your applications? 


Micha­el Nicht
+49 172 5631 375

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